The resume of the organization is a kind of business card of the company. The purpose of its preparation is to demonstrate to potential business partners the specifics of the enterprise, its achievements, and development prospects. This demonstration is sometimes necessary to attract investors, lenders, or buyers for the implementation of any projects.

An organization’s resume is typically larger than a standard resume and is 4-5 pages.

How to write an organizational resume

  1. Company name. Placed at the very top of the document.
  2. A Brief History. Here you need to give a general description of the company – the date and place of its creation, development process, achievements.
  3. The essence of the activity. Describe the main functions of the enterprise: field of activity, products produced, services provided.
  4. Manager and staff. Tell us about the availability of specialists in the headquarters and their qualifications.
  5. Current market position. This section is needed to characterize the current state of affairs of the organization. To fully describe it, pay attention to the general characteristics of the market in which your company operates. Tell us about your target audience, main competitors, and distinctive features that can give your company a competitive advantage. Sum it up with quantitative measures of firm success.
  6. Development prospects. Here you can provide a general description and a step-by-step plan for the development of the company and its projects.
  7. Financial feasibility. This subsection should contain information about the financial needs of the company, as well as a calculation of the payback period.
  8. Contact information. This includes:
    • Postal address
    • Contact phones
    • Link to the official website
    • Email Address
    • Fax

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When writing a resume for an organization, it is extremely important to have comprehensive information about the enterprise. Therefore, if you are not a leader, but you were instructed to draw up this document, be sure to get all the necessary data from your superiors so as not to miss anything.

Executive summary: short sample


The ZZZ company was founded in March 2005. The purpose of the enterprise is to build a network of car service workshops in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. At the moment the company has 5 points in the city and 4 in the region.

Over 13 years of activity, the company has developed a huge client base, and our car services have repeatedly reached the final of competitions for service stations (STO).

We provide a full range of car maintenance and repair services. A related activity is the wholesale and retail sale of auto parts.

Today the company employs over 50 employees. The head of ZZZ LLC, A. Ivanov, regularly organizes events to ensure the quality of service station services and also controls the conduct of advertising campaigns to attract new customers.

We are constantly improving the professional level of the provision of services by introducing more modern equipment and conducting training events for employees. The company receives many positive reviews and gratitude from customers, which can be found on the website.

Since every year the number of calls to our car services, and, accordingly, their popularity is growing, we plan to expand the geography of the enterprise.

The total cost of investment costs at the first stage will be ZZZ. The price includes the development of technical projects for the construction of 3 car services, the construction of facilities, the purchase of equipment, furniture, the formation of working capital.

Financing is expected at the expense of the head of the company “ZZZ”, A. Ivanov, as well as by attracting investment funds.

At the current level of the company’s income, the project for the construction of new facilities can be recognized as financially sound. The payback period of investment funds is X years from the beginning of implementation.

Company contacts: (address, phone numbers, website, e-mail, fax).