How to create a resume in Word

A resume is a short self-presentation of an applicant when applying for a job. It should contain information about the education received, work experience, professional achievements, as well as the skills that the applicant plans to implement in the desired position. With the advent of digital technology, employers are increasingly demanding electronic resumes from candidates. […]

Student resume sample

The Student Resume Sample will help those applicants who want to gain valuable work experience before graduation. Correct Student Resume Sample Denis Sukhov Desired position: English translator Desired income level: 50 thousand Date of birth: 14.06.2000 Accommodation: Moscow, m. “Voykovskaya” Ready for business trips. Not ready to move. Contact information: Phone: +7 (9хх) ххх-хх-хх Email: […]

What is an organization resume

The resume of the organization is a kind of business card of the company. The purpose of its preparation is to demonstrate to potential business partners the specifics of the enterprise, its achievements, and development prospects. This demonstration is sometimes necessary to attract investors, lenders, or buyers for the implementation of any projects. An organization’s […]