Today the Internet is the most popular tool for finding a job. The most elementary way is to leave a response for a vacancy on a recruiting site with just one click. But when it comes to emailing resumes, job seekers often make mistakes. We will tell you how to correctly send your resume to the employer so that it does not go unnoticed.

The subject of the letter when sending a resume

Job seekers often neglect the most important rule – the correct subject line when sending a resume by email. In no case leave this field empty: without a subject line, your letter may end up in spam, or the employer simply won’t notice it.

The topic should be short but contain the necessary information. Examples of successful topics: “Response to the vacancy of an assistant designer”, “Resume of the chief accountant”, “Resume by A. Ivanova for the position of a translator.”

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Sometimes the employer asks you to indicate something specific in the subject line (for example, a vacancy code). Be sure to pay attention to this so that you are not considered absent-minded.

What to write to an employer when sending a resume

Do not send an empty letter to the employer with an attached resume file. Having a cover letter is not only considered good manners but also shows your genuine interest in the proposed job.

Place a cover letter in the body of the message. The text of the letter should be laconic and may contain:

  • contacting the employer;
  • name of the vacancy you are interested in;
  • information on how you found it;
  • brief information about your experience, skills;
  • completion of the letter (thanks for the time spent, full name).

Example of a cover letter:

“Hello, Alexander Ivanovich!

I saw your job posting for a translator on the website. I propose my candidacy for the specified position and send my resume. I am a certified philologist and translator of the English language, I have five years of experience in translating technical documentation. I carry out tasks clearly and effectively.

Please consider my candidacy and thank you for the allotted time. You can contact me by phone at (123) 456-78-91.

Sincerely, Ivanova I.P. ”

What is the best format to send your resume?

As a rule, the resume should be attached as a separate file to the letter. The generic extension for a document is “doc”, but “PDF” is also possible. Do not use less popular formats, as the document may not display correctly on the recipient.

How to name files correctly

When sending a resume by e-mail, it is worth taking care of the names of the attached documents so that they do not get lost on the employer’s computer among other files. It is better to immediately see what the document is and who sent it. For example, a suitable title for a document with a resume would be “Resume_Ivanova_confectioner”.

What is the best time to send your resume?

Most hr-specialists say that the time of sending a resume does not matter. But you can still consider some tips. For example, so that your letter is among the first at the beginning of the working day, you can send it at night or early in the morning. Besides, it is undesirable to send your resume on Friday, as the letter sent before the weekend may get lost.

Should I call the employer after submitting my resume?

Experience shows that it can be difficult to contact an employer. If the phone number is still left, the next day after sending the resume, you can call the company and inquire if they received your letter. The call will show that the proposed position is really important to you, and also will not allow your letter to be ignored.

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If you failed to get through, do not worry: if you followed all the recommendations for sending a resume, your letter will be received. And you will be called back if you are among the selected candidates.

Sending a resume to several recipients at once

Never send your resume to several companies at the same time. The fact is that the employer will definitely see the list of recipients of your letter and think that either you are a frivolous person and send your resume to everyone in a row, or you are just too lazy to write each a separate letter.

Name of the mailbox for communication with the employer

The employer is unlikely to take seriously the person with the mail “[email protected]”. Create a separate mailbox with a neutral title, for example, with your last name.

And of course, don’t forget to check your letter and resume for grammatical errors

Your letter will be the first impression of you, so it is important to take your resume seriously and take into account all the nuances. The employer will definitely note your competent approach to business and will see that you are really interested in the vacancy.